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Originally Posted by shuru421 View Post
So the only real difference is that Columbus EL-OS has the same amount of stiffness of the MAX but throughout its entire frame as opposed to MAX which is specifically stiff in certain areas.

Question. Why is it a compromise for the stiffness to be increased by the same amount in all directions? Is stiffness a win/lose situation? I thought stiffness was a good attribute?
I think the idea was that it doesn't provide as much stiffness in some directions as the elliptical shape of the MAX and more stiffness in other directions where it isn't needed (and thus is wasted because, if you designed tubing not to be overly stiff there, you might be able to use less steel and make a lighter frame). Also there's that old cliche about how the best frames are laterally stiff but vertically compliant. Too much stiffness results in you bouncing around on the road, making you more tired and potentially losing contact with the road at certain points which decreases speed output for a set amount of power output.
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