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Originally Posted by shuru421 View Post
Stated for MAX : "..demands of extreme bads: sprints, time trials, climbing and strong centrifugal acceleration when descending"
Stated for EL-OS : "..set in the toughest professional competitions.."

So is EL-OS not good for climbing and strong centrifugal accelerations? Are those not "settings of the toughest professional competitions"?
My riding has some climbing and downhill curves ("strong centrifugal accelerations"). But I bet they are quite tame compared to what is experienced in the Giro d'Italia or the Tour de France. Nevertheless, that bike is the best climber and descender I have owned. If Columbus intends to suggest there is anything wrong with ELOS, it must be in comparison with MAX, and probably only experienced at the most rarified levels of performance. In this lifetime I don't have enough years left to build up to that level.

I would say if you are a hors de categorie rider (if such a rating exists), I'd say you should only use the very best tubing, which might be 953 at this moment in the steel universe. If you are merely a mortal bike freak, ELOS just could possibly be satisfactory for 99.7% of your riding -- YMMV.

Now what does beat me up is Brain - thick-walled tubing, first oversize, the standard recipe for an over-stiff bike. Wife's 1997 Terry has that, and while it is quick and smooth it is significantly harsher than my SL bike or my 531 fully db bikes. Ms Terry may have been trying to tame the stiffness when she specified long 43.5 cm chainstays,
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