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Originally Posted by BillyD View Post
No, not big blue, but the other goliath, AT&T. After things got really unpleasant while working on my dissertation, I took a break and found a real job paying real salaries and, although I had originally intended to go back and finish my degree on the side, that became less and less attractive as time went on and thus fell by the wayside. Just as well, because I was really enjoying what I was doing in IS at NY Telephone. In fact just yesterday I read a line that perfectly described the euphoria my colleagues and I experienced in 1983 when we got our hands on the Lisa, a prototype and predecessor to Apple's Macintosh computer. The line reads "You felt as if you were part of this tiny group of people who had seen the light", that light being the graphical user interface for personal computers.

Exciting times.
Similarly, I had a semester to go for my bachelor's, took a job in a new restaurant, to pay the bills. Unfortunately, the owners hired only one crew to work two shifts. I never made it back to school and, as things happened, a year later I had dropped out in the Timothy Leary sense and had begun my new life as a rolling stone.
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