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Originally Posted by seamuis View Post

obviously having to replace a tube would require complete removal of the wheel. This is why I said you should practice. Patching a puncture with the wheel still mounted, if thatís your thing, Iím not going to argue that. Do your thing mate. As far as axle nuts are concerned, there are two types, yes. I donít know what type of nuts your bike came with, but a Ďtrack nutí is basically a nut with a captive (floating/spinning) washer. Itís a captive nut. Thatís it. And you should absolutely use captive nuts. If yours arenít, then absolutely replace them. If you want to purchase a set of Ďtrackí nuts, there are some more expensive and less expensive. I use shimanoís Dura-Ace nuts because they came with my hubs. Most people (and I would agree) would say they are some of the best. Retrogression ( has a decent set of track nuts for 5 bucks a pair. So 10 bucks for front and rear. You could probably buy a set of captive nuts at a hardware store, but you neee to make sure itís the right size and thread pitch, and usually your rear axle is larger diameter than your front. (10mm rear and 9mm front)

you shouldnít need to torque them down super hard. Thatís where the captive washer matters. It bites down and holds. With captive Ďtrackí nuts, you should be able to tighten down your nuts sufficiently without worry. And you wonít be putting down anywhere near enough torque, especially with a ss, to cause them to slip.

if youíre curious though, you could purchase a chaintug to practice with and without to see what you prefer. But you should have quality captive nuts, full stop. Everything else is just practice to get it down.

i have a very easy method of setting chain tension, but it wonít be helpful to you because my ss is a road bike conversion with older horizontal forward facing dropouts, so itís not applicable for a frame with rear facing fork ends like yours.
My Nuts are not track nuts, I just checked. Off to get some....thank you again!
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