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Originally Posted by Vintage_Cyclist View Post
IF you decide you don't want the safety levers, you only need to remove them. The barrel pivots in the levers extend beyond the lever to fit the safety levers, so they will be sticking out of the side of the lever. This is purely an aesthetic issue, the levers will work normally like this. The pivots can be replaced if you want to; eBay is probably the only source and they seem to generally go for about ten bucks a pair. A used pair of Weinman brake levers, without the safety lever issue and longer pivot barrel can be had for about the same. Someone on this board may have a box-of-crap pair that they can send you even cheaper. But at the end of the day, you don't actually need to do anything.

As far as the handlebars go, brake levers generally can fit handlebars of different diameters, because the mounting bands compress as you tighten them.

You obviously need a new stem and seatpost for that bike.

Non safety lever barrel

Safety lever barrel
Originally Posted by Phil_gretz View Post
You can remove the safety levers, scribe a line on the barrel to show how much of the protruding end to remove, and then cut them with a dremel and cutting wheel, or a hacksaw (if you're careful and have a bench vise). Then touch up with a metal file. Purchase the Cane Creek replacement hoods to cover the lever body. Looks better that way and is more comfortable to boot.
Thank you for the great info! I'll pull the existing levers apart to remove the levers, but they are a little beat up and scuffed so I may replace em anyway. It all depends on how much I can clean them up with different grits of emery paper and aluminum polish.
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