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Originally Posted by Aubergine View Post

I actually think the Lyotard pedals are very nice. I am using them on my French bikes, but I ride with stiff-soled shoes. The benefit of new pedals is that they offer a larger surface so you can more easily use just about any shoe. So . . . It depends on how you want to ride.

The Tourney cranks may already be drilled for 9/16 pedals, and it is easy to find out. Look at the end of the pedal spindle, on the inside of the crank arms (that is, facing the frame). If the pedals are French they will be marked with D and G (droit et gauche). If they are modern standard they will have R and L. If the cranks are French but you do choose to get modern standard pedals, it is easy for a bike shop to tap out the threads on the crank.
I'll have to check that, I know just the spot you are referring to for the designation. The current pedals are marked "ATOM Made in France".

I've also got an opinion question for you all: I'd like to add a little color to the bike, but am not sure what to go with. The frame is silver with chrome accents and black lettering. Do you folks think a different color (other than black) would look good for the bar tape, seat accents, and cable housing? If it had any other color anywhere on the frame I could match it would be easy, but the color scheme on the bike is relatively drab.
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