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Bikes: Cannondale SR's and ST's from the '80's

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Originally Posted by rccardr View Post
In this case, might be best to start by posting complete bikes here in the for sale section. Lots of taller riders in this forum, and Cannondales of that era are relatively well regarded. However, as much as I love mine, neither would bring big dollars.
Yeah, Dr. C.....If I remember correctly, you and I have corresponded before.
I believe I have seen a few of your restorations languish for some time on auction websites..........
I don't have any problem reducing my rides to components. Much easier to ship that way anyhow.
But, as the components are all out of date now anyways, I just don't know if it will be worth the effort.

I do have a completely stock and pretty complete 63cm Black Lightning from '87 or '88,
and a 27" ST600 from 1990, still the old oval chainstays, but unusual as it has cantilever brakes and 130mm rear dropout spacing.
Those about the only 2 which may qualify as original and possibly collectable.
I guess more research is in the near future.......

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