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Originally Posted by dddd View Post
All of these criteria are quantitative and subjective, so might best be thought of as the choices of building blocks that framebuilders can select from while designing a particular frame. They would need experience building with the various tubes to apply the dimensional differences to advantage.

I found this Ciocc made from the MiniMAX tubeset, it's mainly fillet brazed because of the non-round tube ends.
I weigh in the140's (lbs) and the bike's dynamics sustain my hardest efforts for what that's worth (sorry for the poor photographic time/location):

That is beautiful. The Nivachrome tubing was intended to be fillet brazed. I think I only ever saw one Mini MAX in person when I sold a Bianchi built with it. I was surprised more builders didnít use it but sadly for steel the cycling public was being conned into believing carbon fiber was better for them, so I think it just got lost in the dustbin of cycling history.

That is beautiful Coicc, are there more pics elsewhere?
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