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Originally Posted by shoota View Post
A couple days ago my weirdo neighbors put a big beautiful Trek 600 series out in their front yard bushes. Like right in the middle of the bushes. So weird. Well, it was supposed to rain the next day so I went over there and knocked on the door, hoping to talk them into giving it to me instead of letting it rot. i could hear them in there laughing at their TV show, but they didn't answer the first knock. So I knocked again, a little louder in case they didn't hear me, and you know what they did?!? Locked the door in my face! So the rain and freezing ice came down and the bike is still sitting there, taunting me. Thank God it's not my size or Italian, I don't think I could handle it. Thanks for listening.
You could plead neighborliness and move the bike to your garage, assuming they forgot it. Leave them a note in the mailbox with one cookie for each family member, as a greeting and so they don't think it was swiped. If they don't reply you can always say "I held onto it and kept it dry and oiled for the whole season and I told you what I was doing, being neighborly. Any time you want it back I'll deliver it." If they say "we hoped it was swiped!" you can say "here's $50, that's a common CL asking price for an old Trek. Or, with some care it could be worth a lot more, and I can help you get it ready for a profitable sale."

You'll presumably be there for a long time, with those people at your shoulder.
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