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Originally Posted by Ronno6 View Post
I built every one of them but the 2 originals I listed, so I won't have any trouble disassembling them.
I am just not sure if the components will be sought after in a day and age where they are all pretty much passe.

Its very common on nicer vintage bikes for the parts alone to be equal to or exceed the value of the complete bike. Anything Campy, Shimano 600 or higher, Suntour Cyclone or better.

But in the end, how much time do you want to spend on disassembling, marketing and selling these bikes? More and more, I have been donating my excess stuff (I've got a ways to go.....)

As far as "rare", often rare has little to do with value. Ford made over 1 million Mustangs between 1965 and 1966. So its not rare. Yet is has a lot of value. Meanwhile, rare competitor cars from that era are worth much less.

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