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Of the route you described, I have toured between Memphis and St Louis. The short answer is that is is possible to cover this without camping and stay pretty much within your daily mileage preference. I have not ridden south of Memphis, but some years ago researched it for a potential tour. I was able to design a route which put a roof over my head each night, but as I recall motels were fairly infrequent and I think there were a few pretty long days probably above your preferred daily distance. There is a book by Bob Robinson Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River Trail (2008) which may have some helpful information.

When I rode portions of the Mississippi River Trail some years ago, parts of the route were on unpaved, almost farm track like "roads" with weeds as high as my handlebars in the center of the track. Other portions were unpaved but a nice and solid surface.
I did not have any issues with dogs, but I have a pretty high dog tolerance. Most motorists gave me a pretty wide birth, and there really wasn't all that much traffic anyway except for a few areas. I got along fine with only two water bottles, though I probably don't drink as much as I should.

That about taps me out.
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