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I assume you know what late Feb weather is typically like in the PacNW so should be no surprises there. Iíve done the ride in absolutely miserable barely-above-freezing very wet conditions to mid-50s sunshine so itís luck of the draw. Itís VERY hilly with a few steep slogs but no big deal if youíve trained a bit over the winter and there are bailout options if you want to short-circuit the route and reduce the miles. Very festive with good organization, plenty of stops, and a lot of support from the locals.

i donít do the ride anymore because Iíve been spooked by seeing too many bad accidents and a few near misses myself. When the ferry disgorges youíre in a lot of traffic (many struggling or inexperienced), typically on narrow wet roads with high-speed descents, with POíed car drivers trying to cut through the herd. But Iím probably just getting old....I did the ride six times or so over a decade and had fun. But you need to be comfortable riding in traffic.

My favorite Cascade ride is RSVP.

- Mark
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