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Originally Posted by thinknotes View Post
I am looking for one (or more) folks who are planning to ride the Indian Himalayas later this year, hopefully in late August/early Sept during the post-monsoon period.
I would like to have some news about your trip. Were you able to make it ? do you have a blog about it. I am really interested and like I said I am going this year and I have a lot of questions. I understand I should make my own thread but if you haave already went, you would be a great source of information.

I will be travelling with my solar eBike (not sure I can post a link here ?). I would like to know:
- what date did you traveled the Leh - Manali highway and do you have a approximation about the earliest time I could go
- How many day of food and water should I carry.
- it is ok to do some camping in India.
- my wheel are 20", it is easy to find replacement.
- I might be looking for a way to go from east India to Thailand (or Thailand to India) by boat. so far no luck in finding something, My bike is big.

p.s My first plan was to travel from Hong Kong to China then India but it seem that traveling in Tibet might be too complicated.

Thanks you
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