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Originally Posted by Kevindale View Post
Stunning! Great job! I'm curious, did they bring back the 'T' drain hole cutout in the BB shell? And can you decipher the SN?

In all my obsessive comparing various Tommasini graphics styles, I never noticed that the signature was changed! Good catch. People rarely take a closeup of that decal, and I just assumed it didn't change and never paid too much attention. Now I'll have to go back and see if I can find enough hi-res photos in my data base to see when that change too place. I'm going to guess it was in the early 1990s, when the ST graphics changed.
Originally Posted by Kevindale View Post
@rlorenz2 , I just checked a few dozen photos in my database. The signature decal first went into use around 1981-1982. There are a few bikes I can fairly confidently date to 1980, and they lack that decal. All the bikes with FD tabs have it. Moreover, virtually every bike in my database with the signature decal has the "Tommasini Irio" style decal, which is why I didn't notice the change. I have only gathered photos on a handful of bikes that are from about 1994 or later, and only one of these bikes has the "Irio Tommasini" style. So my guess is sometime in the mid-late 1990s is when the change happened. If we get more people with more modern Tommasinis putting their info here or in the Tommasini Timeline thread, we can pin it down more accurately.
Thanks @Kevindale
The 'T' cut drain hole is not back unfortunately. It has the 3 diagonal lines in the BB with channel cable guides and the small bridge integrated with the BB.

The serial number at least for this limited run of frames is quite easy and clear as appose to my earlier frame. S/N: 007H018; '007' is the frame production number, 'H' is the month (August), and '18' for the year.

Last but not least, received feedback from Barbara regarding the top tube signature. She stated "In regards to the signature, it started to change in mid 90's in favor of a more "friendly" way of signing."
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