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Originally Posted by sapporoguy View Post
But with the lever pulled as hard as it will go, the stopping power isn't any better than v-brakes. I certainly can't skid the back tire. Maybe I'm expecting too much of the disc brakes? (never had a bike with them before)
You're expecting too much from the BB7 (and other mechanical disc brakes) because they're obsolete. They all rely on a single piston to push the rotor against a fixed pad. The Spyre is slightly better because it uses two pistons to squeeze pads against the rotor.

If you go into any bike shop, you'll see that the vast majority disc-equipped single bikes use hydraulic disc brakes. I don't know of any new single bike that use the BB7. Hydraulic calipers use 2 or 4 pistons to squeeze the brake pads against the rotor. More importantly, the hydraulic calipers multiply your braking power. It's easy to lock up your wheels with one finger! Also, hydraulic disc brakes auto-center and have no cable friction.

I don't understand why tandem teams (with twice the weight of single bikes) continue to use obsolete brakes like the BB7 when the Hy/Rd (cable-actuated, hydraulic calipers) and full hydraulic brakes (eg. Shimano BR-R8070) are available at reasonable prices.
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