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Originally Posted by bargainguy View Post
Another way to look at it is that I'm doing a solid here for someone who wants to get in early but doesn't want to pay that same $65 for a table that I did. There is no guarantee that I'll sell the extra wristbands, so I'm out the $65 regardless. If I make some back, great, but I don't count on it.
Getting in early and getting a table to sell as a vendor are two different things.

What you're basically selling is a 2-hour head start on a $10 ticket, for an extra $10.
Are you giving them 20/65 of your table?

I'm simply coming at this from a different direction.
Adventure. That's all.

I perfectly understand the entrepreneurial nature of it.
America was built on that. I'll buy you a cup o' Joe.
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