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At the other extreme from the friendly bribe---the customers who try to pressure you, the bike shop employee, into letting them jump the service department cue for no reason other than that their time is more valuable than yours (or that of other customers). Used to drive me crazy during the busy season in a bike shop that I used to manage. And the busier you were, the surer they were that you'd give in.

I finally instituted a UPS-like policy of charging a flat $5 fee for next-day service. The pushy "gotta-have-it-tomorrow" customers suddenly weren't in a hurry after all, while the customers who genuinely needed to get the bike back fast were happy to pay a little extra.

If I worked in a shop now, I'd seriously consider offering some version of the Amazon Prime way of doing business---$100 a year (to pick an arbitrary number) and you'd get unlimited next-day service, free tuneups, discounts on purchases, and whatever other perks would make sense in sweetening the pot. It'd be a good way to ensure repeat traffic in the shop.

(Yes, Performance tried something like this and went out of business, but their version might have been a net plus for them---just not enough to keep them afloat.)
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