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Help me date this Centurion LeMans!

Hey all. I recently acquired this Centurion LeMans and need your help dating it! Centurions can be more easily dated if they are '80s models and newer because of their colour schemes and serial numbers. According to Sheldon Brown,

Japanese Centurions made between 1980-1990 use a serial number format WXYZZZZ where:

W = a letter, purpose uncertain, but probably indicates a manufacturer or Centurion;
X = a number, indicating the calendar year of manufacture;
Y = a letter, indicating the fortnight of manufacture (A = wk 1 & 2, B = wk 3 & 4, etc)
ZZZZ = four digit number, probably indicating frame number during fortnight of manufacture.

Grimy drivechain, I know.

Example: N4E0283 indicates the 283 frame made during the period of weeks 9-10 in 1984.

My bike has this serial number: NB87571, which does not follow this format. I think it might be a mid to late '70s model, but if anyone has any information that can narrow it down to the year, I'd really appreciate it!

Note: 1979 LeMans were apparently 12-speeds, according to the 1979 catalog. However, mine is a 10-speed. Otherwise, the design and some components seem to match up.
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