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Wow. So much fail in this thread.

My relationship with my LBS goes back over 30 years and three different locations. They have done me right in more ways than I could ever count (or pay). The pizza and coffee (and coffee gift cards) that I have given are tokens of my appreciation for the excellent service, advice, and consideration they have shown me for all these years. Over the shop's history, faces have changed, but the owner and two shop guys have stuck it out through thick and thin. They know my history, my bikes, my struggles and successes. They know my family, my friends, and my dogs. Those guys are like members of my family. In fact, I dated the owners youngest sister in high school some 40 years ago. This last Christmas I brought over a case of Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup for the crew. That stuff is DELICIOUS!

I have similar relationships all over town; barber, restaurants, auto shop, tailor, etc.. And that's the difference -- I build relationships with the people I intend to do business. I wonder how many of the guys who couldn't be bothered to do anything nice for their LBS are the same guys who gripe about not getting priority service? We reap what we sow. I guess some people just don't get it. The generosities I have extended in my business relationships have been repaid many, many times over.

Bringing it back on topic... IMO, whatever I've spent on gratuities for my LBS has been money well spent.

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