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I've just recently started the overhaul on my Patent 72 NR RD. I cannot see the photos in the mentioned thread due to the Photo Bucket business model. But I've had no troubles. I made a schetch of my RD prior to disassembly (or take a picture) to help with the spring tensions.

There are 2 locations with two holes - one in the cylinder that fits on the end of the spring housing and a second on the cage plate. You need to get both right. On my RD, for the two holes in the cylinder one leaves the threaded hole for the "grub screw/cage pin thing" exposed. The other rotates that hole in under the RD body. Mine had the hole exposed so I kept it that way.

Similar idea with the holes in the cage plate. One hole rotates the plate more clockwise (looking from the outside, with the parallelogram face up) the other rotates it more counterclockwise. I chose the later as that's the way it was originally.

I trust you pulled the tension spring completely out and cleaned EVERYTHING. My old grease looked like brownie dough, very thick and gooey. Obviously slowed the cage movement.

One other thought. OP, your photo in post #1 shows, at the upper center, the 'screw' that holds the parlellagram spring in place. The head of your screw looks not flush with the RD body, cocked a bit. Look carefully to see that the screw (actually a threaded stud with the spring held by the unthreaded end) is ok and goes straight in between the plates, holds the spring coiled end straight.
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