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Originally Posted by Kedosto View Post
Wow. So much fail in this thread.
I have similar relationships all over town; barber, restaurants, auto shop, tailor, etc.. And that's the difference -- I build relationships with the people I intend to do business. I wonder how many of the guys who couldn't be bothered to do anything nice for their LBS are the same guys who gripe about not getting priority service? We reap what we sow. I guess some people just don't get it. The generosities I have extended in my business relationships have been repaid many, many times over.
So, it is a fail because others don't treat business relationships like you? I have my friends who do all that you listed in your post, I don't really need friendship out of the places I do business. I can do business in a polite and respectful manner without having to be buddy-buddy with them. Heck, I can even remember them, they can remember me, and we can ask each other about recent biking adventures. At the end of the day, though, it is a transactional relationship. If I didn't need the services they provided, I wouldn't be there, regardless of how good of folks they were.

As to the second point, that is exactly what some folks are saying about it being a bribe. If I walked in five minutes before close as a tourer who needed a new derailleur and and the eyelet rethreaded, and someone stuck around for an extra hour to get me on my way, that's a thank you six pack worthy. If I expect to jump to the front of the line because I'm bringing in a pack of beer a month and hanging out, that is indeed a form of bribery, you are influencing their decisions with your actions and gifts. IMO, it is a poor way to run a business, and if I encounter it as someone new to that shop it generally tells me to look elsewhere if I don't want to deal with a pay-to-play environment.

Originally Posted by ooga-booga View Post
op here...time to toss a monkey wrench into things. so i drop off a sixer of good craft beer approx twice a month and the store staff doesn't drink it all.
they keep some on hand and i've seen them offer it to preferred customers or those that are simply nice/appreciative. does that change your opinion(s)?
Yep. If you intend to give it to them as a gift of thanks, it seems like it is failing because its not something they consume. Maybe ask them if there is something else they prefer? A nice bag of coffee, perhaps?
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