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Originally Posted by Cougrrcj View Post
I have nothing Italian to bring to the table -- just C&V Japanese... The last time I rode to from CLE-to MKE and then on to Madison was 1980, and that was on my Fuji with 51/39 and 14/28-five cog gearing!

Now that I'm older (and supposedly wiser), I'd do it with more 'comfortable' gearing....
This is not an Italian-only situation.

Sure, there are going to be a lot, because there were a lot of them made, and it's hard not to like them.
They're unique, they're cool, and their competition with each other drives their "it" factor. Still does.

But Dave, for sure, likes bikes of all kinds, This is Coppi's birthday party. We celebrate him, and the idea of the time.

I'm taking Japanese too.
No reason not to.
Cool is cool, and there are different kinds of cool. It's all good.
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