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There's another spot near Moonstone Beach where you can observe huge bull sea lions wintering a little later in the year, guarding their little harems of lady sea lions. The fishy fecal smell of the animals is not very impressive, but the size of some of the larger males sure is.

Someone else posted a Voler jersey they plan to wear on the ride. The Voler HQ is about 20 miles down the road in Grover Beach. They make some really awesome shorts and jerseys, lots of pro riders wear their stuff. I believe the clothing is made right there in Grover Beach, but I'm not positive.

I want to go back again with my bike and explore the roads through the hills a bit, hopefully during the middle of the week when traffic is lighter. I probably won't do the organized ride though. Truth be told, I have more fun riding on my own or with a few friends than in huge organized groups, I suspect the main reason people attend those is for lots of very good reasons other than the actual riding itself.
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