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Wow, so many great informations!

I guess I will have to search through LBSs near me and find some vintage rims and see what they have, and decide whether go with gp4 or get some other rims in suggestion and start building the wheel.
As for the tires... I do like to stay in 19-23 range. However I am curious, how wide can I go with tires on vintage rims? I'd imagine at certain point tires would bulb out on narrower vintage rims and in worst case, not getting securely glued on. What would be your max tire width; 23mm? 25mm?

Originally Posted by Wildwood View Post
I have are Vittoria Corsa graphene with latex tubes = very very supple.
Love those tires. I got whole bunch when it was on huge sales on Chain Reaction, took a while to get here but I was in no hurry. I do agree and want to keep the race feel of the bike.

Many Thanks, and May Happy Miles to You All!

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