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A quick update. I cleaned out and lightly greased the rear DR and shifter just in case there was something goofy going on there. No luck. I then decided to start from scratch, set the DR to the highest gear (smallest cog) loosened the cable clamp on the DR and adjusted the high bolt setting. From there I pushed the DR all the way up to the lowest gear (largest cog) and set the low bolt. From there I put the rear DR back onto the smallest cog and gave the cable a little tension and tightened the cable clamp bolt. Then I began re-indexing all gears from the largest chain ring (per the Park tutorial linked above). On the stand the gears all shift smoothly. Move it down to the smaller chain ring and there is some tweaking to be done there. I'm not sure if indexing on one chain ring should be enough to keep everything in check so I decided to tweak the tension knob 1/4 turn at a time until the small chain ring was indexed perfectly and smooth. Shift back up to the large chain ring and checked it on the stand and everything appears to be indexed and shifting smoothly.

Now I wanted to tweak on the bike as Steve suggested so I gave her a spin and began shifting one at a time and pedaling a bit in between shifts. A few 1/4 turns were required to get it shifting smoothly on the small chain ring but the large chain ring still behaves funky. For instance, when on the largest cog, it takes two clicks to get it to the next cog. from there it will shift up for a few gears and between 7-6 it will jump two gears (maybe from the second click to get it from 11-10?). It will jump two gears on the smaller cogs and never makes it to the smallest one no matter how many times I click it. Change back to the small chain ring and everything is still working nice and smooth. Go back up to the large chain ring and it's the same BS as before. I put her back up on the stand to try again just to see if it would behave the same on the stand as it does while I was taking an easy ride with it and it shifts perfectly. So now I'm stumped lol. I may just take her in at this point since I'm not sure if I need to evaluate the cables, housings or shifters and that may be a little out of my scope of abilities at this point, merely because I don't want my wife to not have her bike available while I figure it all out. The other issue is if I knew what was wrong I could focus on learning to repair that one element but since this is a weird issue with a few potential causes, I may be doing more harm than good.

Good news is, it's shifting rather smoothly in the small chain ring and being that we're not flying down any hills at 30-40mph, she doesn't really utilize the large chain ring too much anyway. I'm still bummed that it's not working though and little things like that weigh on me a bit.

If anyone else has any advice, I'm all ear/eyes. It's been extremely fun and educational to research all of this and try and figure it out. I feel confident in knowing how to index my rear and front DR's now which was something I was hesitant about before all of this and I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn something new. That said, my pride is still a bit bruised from not being able to figure it out on my own! (well with the help of you all as well ) lol
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