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Originally Posted by luevelvet View Post
Good news is, it's shifting rather smoothly in the small chain ring and being that we're not flying down any hills at 30-40mph, she doesn't really utilize the large chain ring too much anyway. I'm still bummed that it's not working though and little things like that weigh on me a bit.

If anyone else has any advice, I'm all ear/eyes. It's been extremely fun and educational to research all of this and try and figure it out. I feel confident in knowing how to index my rear and front DR's now which was something I was hesitant about before all of this and I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn something new. That said, my pride is still a bit bruised from not being able to figure it out on my own! (well with the help of you all as well ) lol
Something to keep in mind when you're tuning a bike (especially if it's yours) is how it will be used. If, say, the RD has trouble getting the chain to the biggest sprockets, when it's on the big ring in the front, I wouldn't stress something like that, because the big-big combination is something your try to avoid. Same goes for small-small, particularly on triple cranks.
Also, with bikes, there are so many factors at play in the driveline, that every guide will be a generalization at best, and each bike will be different. Sometimes simpler guidelines are better than detailed instructions.
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