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Originally Posted by owen robinson View Post
Back in early November I bought this bike for $100 from a used bikes shop. It was in OK condition so I quickly went on to
I read a little about it then looked at the bike for any noticeable flaws or issues with it then bought it. I cleaned it up as best I could and rode it for a few days before it got to cold.
I noticed that all the bike's hubs were in extremely good condition. This was my first attempt at cleaning up a vintage road bike and I think I did a good job.
I will defiantly clean it up even more in the spring when the weather is nicer. I will post more pictures when that happens.

The only thing I've done to it was put some new bar tape on because the previous owner put a speckled white and red.
In the future i would like to get a frame pump for it and definitely some new tires.
(It has the same tires listed in the catalog which means that these tires are from 1975! Or the owner wanted to get the exact same tires that it came with.)

By no means is this considered a restoration or rebuild for me and I'm not done with it yet so I will be sure to post more pictures on it around spring time.
Hope you enjoy.

Classy Fuji! I love that style of head badge, sometimes they paint it on which doesn't cut it. I also really like the Nitto stem bolt.
Nice work on not changing it. It looks like you got the 23" - would be a good size for me! If a little tall (want to sell it? ).
The Jim Blackburn rack is interesting, I don't think I've ever seen that style.
The tires look great for 1975. Any pix with the other bar tape? I'm curious.
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