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Originally Posted by abshipp View Post
Lets just put me down as a "maybe"

I'm about an hour and a half away. Just close enough to make it hard to justify a hotel, but far enough that not getting a hotel would be a little annoying.

I don't have anything really special to bring, but it might be fun to get to ogle some special bikes with my own eyes instead of through a monitor.

The ride route looks great too! If anything, I would probably make it for that.

We'll see!
Best to go over through Freeport and up via Warren. Nice drive, and well worth the time on the road. Booking now would save a bit of money, and it can easily be the best 2 days you've spent around bikes.

If you decide to go via Beloit, go into town and take 81, which can take you all the way to Darlington, on roads you are glad you don't have to ride on a bike. Don't let the dinosaur in one of the farm yards startle you. It's been known to do that.
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