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Originally Posted by repechage View Post
Nishiki came out with the Olympic 12 about late 1977- early 78, Centurion was quick to market trends, I would not be surprised of a mid cycle change to 6.

The Niko bikes (Bikecology house brand) actually came out with the color co-ordinated cable housings, tape, saddle coverings first, Centurion was quick to respond- so quick that we felt there was corporate espionage.

it was a competitive time.
It probably didn't hurt that Alan Goldsmith was associated with both Bikecology and Centurion at the time.

He negotiated the Cinelli deal with Centurion, and had a hand in the last 3-4 years of the Ironman.

He later got involved with ParkPre. Last I heard, he was also involved with Specialized (in his 80's).
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