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Since my seat post is setback, but my stem shorter, I think his bike fits me and mine fits him.
I did use the Innicycle adapter, and managed to find a red spacer, just one.

From @speedevil, a red Bontrager RL cage. Yes, I've moved the cable.

The box contained a bunch of accessories, the owner's manual, and in-line cable adjusters that actually mount in the DA7700 STI's, right up where the cable enters the shifter. I'd seen them once before, and thought someone just forced them in. Nope, they are actually made to insert into the STI. Makes me wonder if the bike was intended for DA. I've seen some models listed as OEM with the 9-sp DA (and Bike Snob had one with 3x9 DA). The vast majority I've seen were Ultegra 9sp.

Do you think I should fill out the warranty card?

The box contained the seat post bottle mount you see below. I still have it.
It can be mounted like you see, or downward in a more vertical position (no seat stays or rear caliper to be in the way).
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