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Originally Posted by Ronno6 View Post
I built every one of them but the 2 originals I listed, so I won't have any trouble disassembling them.
I am just not sure if the components will be sought after in a day and age where they are all pretty much passe.

I would find suitable homes for some among fellow riders of appropriate stature, but I am not acquainted with any locally..........

There was a dude, mtnbkr or similar on these forums who considered the 27" ST 'Dales to be the best frameset ever made for the tall rider.
I gotta see if he is still around......
you could see if he is still around or you could list the bikes here for a couple months to get some bites then sell the rest locally/tear em down.

The saying time is money can ring true, it its also hardly accurate a lot of times. My time at night after my kids are in bed is worthless. Spending time tearing down bikes, cleaning all the parts to get the most $, and the taking pics and listing everything is a lot of time. While it may be done during worthless hours, it's still a good bit of time suck.

sell a bike complete here for $250 net or spend an hour tearing it down, another hour cleaning, and another hour taking pics and listing each component to sell for $350 minus ebay fees.
total hypothetical, sure, but...

30yo bikes, from what i can see, arent selling at a premium compared to a few years ago.

For what its worth, I'm certainly intrigued to find out and consider what you have for sale.
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