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Wow! "WANT"

Another thing you can do if your front tire is not clearing the fork / buzzing / shedding mud, is just leave a small gap in the front dropout when you tighten down the skewer. It's a cinch with pre-lawyer lip forks. As long as there's enough metal in the front dropout for the front skewer to "bite" into, I think you're fine, and if the skewer were to loosen somehow from hitting a large bump with the front tire, all it's gonna do is get knocked flush with the front dropout (due to gravity). I would much rather do that than grind away part of the underside of the fork crown.

People depend on skewers to hold the rear wheel in the rear dropout in a spot where the skewer is the only thing holding it in place, and the wheel generally stays in place. And the rear dropout is under MUCH more stress from pedaling forces, that want to pull the wheel forward. Which can happen sometimes under heavy torque when sprinting, etc. in situations where you don't clamp the rear skewer down tight enough. BTDT. YMMV.
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