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Originally Posted by texaspandj View Post
Thanks RT and Seypat for the 1050 DT shifters offer. I probably should take you up on the offer in case I ever want to take my Miami Vice completely back to stock including handlebars (which I have). But someone else will probably need them before I do. But thanks guys, however I might be wanting to borrow seypats bottom bracket retapping tool as I have plans to remove my Carbons crankset today and I think I may need it.
I'm not overly familiar with bike forums but I do recognize the generosity from members of the "cool kids club" and I think it's just superb the way we we keep the Irongents freewheels turning. From @markwesti and his offer to mill down a metal part for me to members finding complete Ironman bikes for fellow members and to practically building bikes with donations from all members, just truly amazing. I just can't help but to think how lucky I was to get the Ironman-itis back in 1986.
Are you talking about a Crank Arm Thread Chaser like this? If so, PM me an address and it will be sent. For those following, I have a crank arm thread chaser if anyone needs to use it. Here is a PSA announcement for those that don't have much experience pulling cranks. If those threads are a little iffy and you can't get the crank puller to screw in all the way, do not try to pull that crank. You'll strip it. Borrow/get a thread chaser and clean up the threads until you can get the puller in there without forcing it. No project is too urgent to ruin a good crank.

seypat is online now