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Originally Posted by RiceAWay View Post
Apparently you have spent your time riding junk if you think for one second that any of the Japanese bikes could hold a candle to Pinarello, Basso or Colnago.

I should expand on this: I'm sure that if you had a custom bike made in Japan from a good frame-maker that you could get as good a bike as anywhere. But all of the Japanese bikes I owned and ridden were very middle of the road and the handling was more laid back than just about any Italian bike I've ridden. I've been riding for 40 years and have always been interested in trying every bike I could. Presently I have 7 bikes and two frames in my garage. In general I use Campy Record stuff but I will admit that the Ultegra and DuraAce are probably better groups. I just can't get used to using them after all this time on Campy.

But the Centurions, Bridgestones and the like that ended up here were all far below the high quality steel Italians bikes that are all over the place. Though carbon fiber bikes are altogether different and for my money Taiwan has a pretty clear lead.

I am pretty new here, but 'junk'? well, that's not nice...

I'd respectably disagree with you. I had chance to ride some of the great frames(steel) from both countries(and some others too like .. French, Spanish, and America). I still would say that they are 'different'. I suggest you to give a chance to likes of 3Rensho and such. I had chance to ride one a while back and really liked it. On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed with Colnago Master(but I love my De Rosa). It rides good but I find it a bit twitch. Sure, may be it is my set up or may be it just need precisa fork on it(came with raked fork). What ever it is... I wouldn't call it a 'junk' nor I would call other people's ride a with that word.

MAy Happy and Safe Miles to you.
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