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Originally Posted by 3speedslow View Post
Every once in a while I would see one in a group ride around Greensboro, but just one.
He is from Troy, NC. His frame was considered "ruined" by a previous owner who tried to use a pipe wrench to remove an external BB. Some other guy paid $50 for it, on the off chance he could remove the BB. He used a hacksaw blade to cut it into 1/4 sections, carefully, and removed the pieces. Then he installed the components you saw in Greensboro, and sold it to the guy in Troy. The guy showed up for the test-ride (at a Jaguar dealership in Cary NC) and had to call his bank to get them to up the limit on his ATM card. The bank notified his wife and she called him immediately. It was quite a conversation to listen to.

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