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Originally Posted by Dave Mayer View Post
I volunteer at a high-volume big-city bike Co-op. We seem to have found a niche of being able to fix seemingly impossibility complex problems on frankenbikes for folks with no money who've been (essentially) kicked out of conventional for-profit shops.

We get clients who are immensely pleased and feel compelled to reward us with often unusual gratuities. Such as foodstuffs and candies and beverages. Got some chicken wraps the other day... always check before eating. Expired date. Were they bought at the till at a discount, or recovered from the dumpster behind the restaurant? With our clientele, it's 50:50.

Vast quantities of bread and rolls come in. Same question.. I guess it's the spirit of giving that counts.

With the food we now have to store and discard, we've now developed a serious mouse infestation.
You're comparing a not-for-profit co-op that typically charges peanuts to a conventional retail establishment.

I tip my barber. I don't tip the check-out clerk at Target. If I was to ever get my bike fixed at your co-op...I'd tip you.
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