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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
I imagine that your clientele have 3 strikes working against them at the LBS's being operated as an adjunct to bicycle club socializing activities.
Nope. The reason that conventional shops won't work on their bikes, or even listen to their 'problems' is self-evident the instant they come through the door. And it is not about lack of money, although this type is invariably cheap.

The very worst Co-op customers ride bikes that are hopeless, never-ending, do-it-yourself, bottomless money-pit Frankenbikes. The bikes are usually completely inappropriate for local riding, around here manifested as 50-pound full-suspension rigs for riding on smooth city streets. Then add dropper posts, ape-hanger bars, ancient computers and GPS systems, dynamo hubs, electric-assist wheels, etc. So their bikes are bristling with bolt-on superfluous crap. Then these folks will waste everyone's time digging for obscure parts, failed attempts at hacking together incompatible shifters and derailleurs, and making yet another of a series of useless mods to their rides.

They'd have been better off in buying a simple $500 hybrid, and not messing around with it.
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