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Well I just measured the width of the Phil Wood bottom bracket cups and they are 8.7mm wide per side.

I just checked my other road bike with a Dura Ace 7800 crank with 68mm English bottom bracket and Dura Ace 9000 bottom bracket. The 9000 bottom bracket cups protrude 11.8mm per side. So 11.8mm + 11.8mm + 68mm = 91.6mm width.

Comparing that that to the Klein it is 8.7mm +8.7mm + 75.5mm = 92.9mm width.

Or... 1.3mm wider for the Klein. That’s just under 0.7mm wider per side. Hardly the 4mm per side that would need to be professionally faced off with Campagnolo bottom bracket facing Tools. I think I’m going to take what Leroy said with a grain of salt and press these cups in with some grease and try out my Shimano crank. I suspect that the left splined side will have some leeway with the plastic pre-load set screw that you tighten the preload on.

I don’t have a specialty tool for removing press fit cups. If I test fit this as outlined above and find that it isn’t right, what procedure would be used to knock the bottom bracket cups back out again?
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