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Originally Posted by sapporoguy View Post
Thanks, all, for a hugely informative responses. Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm going to start wringing out my existing system as some have suggested. I have Jagwire housing and will get Jagwire cables at my LBS. Then will sand/clean rotors. I have acetone (my favorite cleaner. does anyone else guiltily enjoy smelling it just a little?)
Can anyone point me to a good procedure for sanding rotors? What grade and composition of paper? wet/dry? pattern? I have a random orbital sander--maybe use that?
While you have it apart, ensure you have metalic brake pads and not organic or semi metallics.

Sanding the discs, your sander, if electric and for woodworking, it may not be best. If you have an automotive type random orbital sander that may work better. Ideally, your finished surface will get a texture similar to honeing a cylinder in an engine. Doubtful you will get the pattern, but the roughness matters.

Without using the powered sander, my suggestion is a sanding block. Avoid hand sanding without the block, the finish will be inconsistent.

Read up on how to initially position the fixed pad. Many people start with the fixed pad incorrectly positioned, and have calipers in the less than ideal location left to right.

Dealing with the spherical alignment washers is kind of a pain and takes time. On both the off road and road tandems I found that even when aligned well, with use the caliper can ever so slowly move. For us, I have gone to a flat washer stack of matching height. This may or may not be best for you, how well they aligned the caliper mount during manufacture of the frame plays into this.

Also, realize that the brake pads and rotors need to bed in, so initially braking may seem soft and less effective. Usually, ten or so hard stops and then make minor pad adjustments gets you dialed in.

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