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It is getting harder and harder for me to look in here with any frequency. I am riding a little but not very much. More walking with Mrs. rpen.

Re: that diet we started early in December, I have broken through the 10 lbs lost mark. Started at 175. Just registered 164.7 this morning. Mrs. rpen is likewise seeing good results. The main feature of this diet is to count calories by reading them off the back of a box of frozen entree like Lean Cusine. So it is a lot like one of the supplied food diet plans except much cheaper. Just pick up a stack of 250-300 kcal meals at the grocery and good to go. They are only about $2.50 each. Breakfast is easy to cook myself and still know how many calories, say 300-350. Then the frozen meals for lunch and dinner. If 1,200 kcal is the goal, there should be about 300 cal left over for a small afternoon snack, a 4oz glass of dry wine, and a 1/2 cup portion of low-fat ice cream. All in all not too painful. When we go to a restaurant, we observe some portion control, do some splitting, but mostly forget about the diet.

I can hear the groans from the anti-processed foodies out there, but I have to go with what is working. As for taste, well it’s pretty darn good all things considered. What I find most interesting is how balanced the meals are. Low sodium, low fat, always some carbs, small lean meat portions. These meals really are instructive about how we should be eating. They are worthwhile for that function alone.

One thing has occurred to me. If meals this healthy, this good, and this cheap are so readily available, why aren’t hospitals, airlines, Meals-on-Wheels, etc. using them? I mean those organizations have no business doing meal prep. The results are horrendous. Why aren’t hospitals just contracting with Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine? Surely it costs them more than $2.50 to produce a main course plate, and that is retail. Their wholesale, contract cost would have to be stupid low. I don’t get it.

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