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My retrofit is only two years old and going strong so I hope to get more service from it. That said, the original battery already has a shorter range than when it was new. I bought a spare battery, charger and G2 console just after the news broke last February about BionX.

I have a drop bar Bruce Gordon touring bike conversion, tweaked to fit me with hand made racks, so most ready made Asian flat bar ebikes just don't appeal. When my batteries are shot I'm not sure which direction to take... possibly a Bafang retrofit on the same bike but I'm put off a bit at the thought of replacing my quality Shimano triple crankset with a cheap steel, one size fits all crankset of a mid drive. Also, I'm now used to the seamless BionX torque sensor and the silent operation of BionX. Any other product has a hard act to follow.

There's an active BionX group over at facebook...


One of the members rebuilds BionX batteries. I haven't priced his services...


Amego (linked to at above post) does not have any new batteries "in stock". Only used ones listed at their site. Ohm says they have the smaller 8.8 AH battery but not the 11.6 AH battery.
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