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Originally Posted by ExPatTyke View Post
It's probably very rare for handlebars to snap like mine did - they're broke clean off with no cracking and no warning.

In quite a few years of cycling they're the only pair I've had break. That said though it was a thoroughly alarming few seconds, and I've since replaced the bars on all my older bikes.

Just for information, here's a photo of the broken ends.
Ouch. That's not reassuring. No telltale dark spot showing there was any crack beforehand. Most of the cheap French bars had a tendency to bend instead of breaking like the above bars, if that makes anyone feel better.

I'd be pretty comfortable with old high quality sleeved bars. I've never heard of a Cinelli breaking during normal use. Not saying it can't happen, but that if it does, it's exceedingly rare. The unsleeved types feel noticeably flexy to me, at least in the traditional 26.0/26.4 sizes.
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