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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post

not sure what the appeal is of mashing and twisting the frame, but to each their own.
I used to have to mash a bit on one of my frames, but then I adjusted the gearing to work for me and my riding.
Indeed. I would call this a modified approach to riding vintage vs. modern and where smoothing out the cadence, no pouncing and use a minimal upper body movement.

Interesting subject and especially for anyone who rides these older bikes. Unlike modern stiff bikes.

Most probably don't realize how easily they can snap a crank in static position right in their own shop. You can do a twisty on a stem and bars and snap off. I like to ride an old bike as designed for but not abuse.

I've learned to appreciate riding fixed gear, sort of a training and learn the benefits of smoothing out cadence. Also in some perverse mean way, rather than attack on a climb, I'm using more of a relaxed and methodical approach even with a low gear inch. Its weird but I enjoy a masochist climb.

Another discipline I've been trying to improve is more float over rougher terrain. Essentially using four points of the body and less of the 5th (butt on saddle). Virtual a requirement for off-road but like to do the same on a road bike, get light and floaty ;")

I've been riding more off road with a few younger guys, both also are very experienced MX racers. Small suggestions have been a big help for me.
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