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Originally Posted by crank_addict View Post
Another discipline I've been trying to improve is more float over rougher terrain. Essentially using four points of the body and less of the 5th (butt on saddle). Virtual a requirement for off-road but like to do the same on a road bike, get light and floaty ;")
Light and floaty is exactly what you want. It used to be taught to new riders. I've noticed that modern cyclists are pretty bad at this, and struggle on descents over rough ground. Yeah, your butt should be off the saddle slightly. Weight on the pedals. Let the bike rock beneath you. Legs are your suspension. Shift your weight back when going into corners in rough or off road terrain.

Modern riders tend to grip their brifters hard, like their life depends on it. Butts are firmly in the saddle, and they go frankly really slowly, with poor control. De-evolution.

FWIW BITD we simply rode our bikes as hard as we could.
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