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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
6'5 and 230#. I sure think i ride hard, but I dont mash. I think I'm already hard enough on the standard size tube road bikes frames as it is and have no interest in twisting the bottom bracket a just isn't necessary for me to ride hard/fast.

I can climb out of the saddle while not mashing and there is no rub due to twisting.

not sure what the appeal is of mashing and twisting the frame, but to each their own.
I used to have to mash a bit on one of my frames, but then I adjusted the gearing to work for me and my riding.
Looks like we're in the same boat with regard to height and weight (ok, I'm a touch less, but percentage-wise it's pretty small). Mashing hurts the knees, but I like to 'diesel' on the flats and milder long hills--just laying into the cranks, in the saddle, at a decent cadence (but still not 80-90 rpm), smoothly, engaging the quads, and slowly dropping gears as needed until the summit. This is naturally dependent on how I feel (like today). If the legs aren't rarin' to go, then it's spin time to the top. I prefer to not murder my frames, rather working with them in shared 'enthusiasm.' Even thin steel like my Prologue holds up. Anything thicker and stronger feeling, bring the torque--it's a fun time.
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