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Originally Posted by owen robinson View Post
They day I bought the bike I made a quick little post about it just asking for the year and maybe a month.
T-Mar told me it was built in September of 1974 from the serial number I provided, K9I01767. ��
Do you know what factory your's was built at? (or mine because i don't know where mine was built.)
Originally Posted by Cougrrcj View Post
My serial is K9I00300, so a bit earlier in the month of September '74 than yours. Mine is the same 'K' leading character that is thought to be the manufacturing plant. Fuji used several, so... Kamakura perhaps?

BTW, yours is the only example of a RED S10S that I've ever seen. Lots of white and yellow, fewer green and only a couple blue like mine.
Just adding my rust bucket green S10S serial # because I find it surprising that they were all produced so close together and ended up connected to BF members after almost 45 years. Mine has had a hard life by the time it came to me, but will hopefully soon see the road again. Excellent buy Owen R and it's also the 1st red I've seen. Cougrrcj's blue one he's had since new and with so many miles is one of the cool stories on BF.

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