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Originally Posted by hazetguy View Post
Can you expand on this a little? Are any of the ones in your pic the Super Record ones? How does one tell SR from the others?
The Super Record ones look like normal SR shifters except the barrel is wider. You can see pics of them here - - Component: Campagnolo Super Record Retro-Friction Note the last pic...the later model retrofrictions look like that on the inside as well - both shifters - so if it doesn't look like that inside then it's not a retrofriction. It's impossible to tell the 2 versions in my photo apart from the non-retrofriction models just from looking at the outside.

And here is how they are assembled....

Originally Posted by Chombi1 View Post
Actually, the Mavic Retrofriction is a "De-badged" Simplex Retrofriction. It did not have any brand markings on it......
I'd have sworn I have seen versions marked 'Mavic' but a quick search didn't find any so you may well be right.
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