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Hill workout in the hood Friday morning early. Made sure to warm up (pre-dawn walk, about 5 miles) first so I could wear just a shell for the workout itself. I found a nice headband light out by the highway while I was walking, fired right up with new batteries. 23F, the coldest I've ridden this season. (I don't know why, but it's interesting to see other people around the region having the same weather.)

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Rode for first time yesterday in about 4 years. Only about 30 minutes or so, took me longer than that to find and put together my riding gear. Just around the neighborhood to see if I remembered how to ride. Yep, can still spin. Exhilaration may be the closest word to describe how it felt.
I know the feeling, way to go. My first ride back after decades felt like being shot off an aircraft carrier.
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