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I got my mac 'n' cheese cert number from my RUSA results and also from the Ranndonneurs Mondiaux site, so it should be there for you.

Unofficial LRM Results
My name is listed twice on the RM site, some people use the middle initial and they don't check that.

There is a thread here about getting ready for PBP, the main two things I would change from 2011 is that I am going to plan on getting a cot at Montagne au Perche on the way back. And also have a way to tell how much time I have in the bank. My main piece of advice is don't sleep in a ditch too close to the road. It's called a ditch nap, but don't sleep in an actual ditch. I saw they want to discourage public urination. I wish them good luck with that.

I guess they don't let you enter 1200k's yet.

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