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Originally Posted by TXsailor View Post
We have a plant in Italy and one in Japan. Lots of people have gone to both to help train. The Japanese are perfectionists the Italians not so much. We got wings from them that required about as much rework as it would have taken us to build them. We aren't perfect either but we do manage to build the most complicated fighter ever built.
Disclaimer I have never ridden a Italian bike but I have worked on a Italian wing and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.
Long ago, Art Stump made this comment about Campagnolo, "they are accurate where they Need to be, elsewhere, it is just visual" He was in the shop to buy chainrings to mill and drill, he was looking for big rings where the stamped "kidney" shaped cutouts were uniformly placed in relationship to the machining.
Currently, I have some eyeglasses on order, made in Italy, well they might still need to be made as they are way overdue, the optometrist offered to send out another pair to have the lenses ready when the frames arrived. I advised that would be risky, "they are Italian".
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